LuxurySleep™ 3D Memory Foam Sleep Mask (2 Pack)

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What can be better than a good sleep and waking up rested and full of energy for a new day?

Our LuxurySleep™ 3D Sleep Mask is the perfect accessory for every night!

LuxurySleep™ 3D Sleep Mask


✔️ 3D CONTOUR COMFORT DESIGN : This sleep mask has been designed to not apply any pressure on the eyes. The memory foam protective curve keeps the silky soft fabric away from your eyelids. It is perfect for long lashes, and won’t disrupt your makeup.
✔️ FULLY ADJUSTABLE for different sizes :The velcro eye mask can comfortably fit by adjusting the strap to the most comfortable position ensuring the perfect fit. Ideal for Travel, Naps, Night's Sleeping, SPA, Meditation, Insomnia, Migraine Headaches. Enjoy Anywhere, Anytime, for Anyone
✔️ BENEFITS OF GOOD SLEEP: Keeps your heart healthy, Reduces stress, Helps with weight loss, Boosts memory, Increases stamina, Reduces risk of depression, Reduces inflammation, Helps your body heal, Boosts intelligence and awareness, Prevents dark circles, dry eyes, and bags under the eyes.
✔️ PERFECT SLEEP REMEDY: Relieve insomnia, treatment for headaches, and other sleeping problems. Feel rested and refreshed after every good night sleep
✔️ BLOCKS THE LIGHT: Blocks out light for restorative rest and allows for peaceful, uninterrupted sleeping. This eye mask is perfect for day time sleeping and for travel.
✔️CREATED FOR A GOOD SLEEPING ENVIRONMENT: This sleep mask covers the light irradiation on the eyes, eliminate interference, so that you have a comfortable, quiet sleep. At the same time, can promote blood circulation to eyes, slow eye congestion, prevent puffy dark circles, bags under the eyes.

LuxurySleep™ 3D Sleep Mask


✔️ Total Darkness

Our bodies are hard-wired to sleep when it’s dark, and a good quality sleep mask can make all the difference. Melatonin, a sleep hormone that serves as an immunity booster and a natural anti-aging agent, is produced in the absence of light.

Sleep masks block light, signaling to your brain that it’s time for sleep. For those who work late-night shifts, these masks can help eliminate sleep-disrupting morning light.

✔️ Affordable Remedy

The LuxurySleep™ 3D Sleep Mask is the perfect remedy for insomnia and it's also very affordable! Even if you never used one, it's time to try it out for a better sleeping!

✔️ Eye Protection

The LuxurySleep™ 3D Sleep Mask simply protects the skin to help prevent new wrinkles and crow’s feet from forming. Most importantly, eye masks can help you get the beauty sleep you need to wake up looking and feeling refreshed.

✔️ Fight Insomnia for a deep sleep

The LuxurySleep™ 3D Sleep Mask is convenient to use, easy to transport and most of all — effective. Discover your dream slumber with a high quality sleep mask and wake up to a better morning.

✔️ Best remedy for migraines

The mask was designed with migraine sufferers in mind, so blocks out all surrounding light — a literal godsend when you have a headache or serious hangover.

For better sleep and full relaxation, our sleep mask will be your favorite bed time accessory!

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