Instant Acne Pimple Remover Patches (25 pcs)

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Instant Acne Pimple Remover Patches are the easy way to get rid of acne, pimples and blemishes 

acne pimple patch



  • Help remove acne, pimples and blemishes painlessly and faster than any other brands in the market
  • Made with all-natural ingredients
  • Effective antibacterial protection from day & night
  • Waterproof and protects pimples from dirt & bacteria and ensures faster healing
  • ​4X times thinner than ordinary patches so it is virtually invisible
  • ​Say goodbye to all your other expensive creams, devices and doctor visits!

acne pimple patch

Made with tea tree oil, calendula oil & belgium hydrocolloid, Instant Acne Pimple Remover Patches removes acne, pimples and blemishes from your face.

acne pimple patch

4 ADVANTAGES OF Instant Acne Pimple Remover Patches:

  1. Breathable. Made of waterproof and breathable hydrophilic colloid
  2. Natural.The ultra-thin design maintains your natural look
  3. Soothing.Absorb the secretions effectively while protecting the area, to flatten and soothe your skin
  4. Isolation.Isolation of external dust, bacteria and prevention of acne marks due to makeup

acne pimple patch


  1. Wash your hands, clean the treatment area and ensure it is dry before applying the patch
  2. Remove the protective cover and gently apply the patch & gold for 3-5 seconds, ensuring it adheres well to the treatment area
  3. Remove and replace after it turns opaque. Wear overnight or at least 5 hours
  4. Recommended to be used before makeup

Package includes: 8x8mm, 9x10mm, 8x12mm

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