BunionFree™ Elastic Bunion Corrector (1 Pair )

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We know the pain bunions cause. We are providing a non-invasive solution to help with the pain and realignment of your bunions

Why should you get this?

  • BUNION TREATMENT. The BunionFree™ Elastic Bunion Corrector is ideal for active people suffering from mild to moderate bunions*. 
  • FOOT PAIN RELIEF. Gently helps reposition the big toe to a more natural alignment and helps to uniformly separate your toes, improving balance and gait while reducing soreness from rubbing footwear*. 
  • ULTRA THIN FABRIC. The sleeve lies flat without bulkiness. The PowerNet fabric provides a moderate amount of tension and stretches in both directions to allow a perfect fit. Lightweight and comfortable to wear with shoes, so you can go about your everyday life.
  • HANDMADE with odor-free and bacteria resistant materials. Beige colored. Unisex. Suitable for both men and women for day and nightwear. 
  • BEST BUNION CORRECTOR FOR ACTIVE PEOPLE. Perfect for walkers and ramblers, runners and cyclists alike. These can be worn comfortably under socks and shoes during any activity.

BunionFree™ Elastic Bunion Corrector + Gel Toe Separator Hallux Valgus BONUS

    BunionFree™ Elastic Bunion Corrector

    Size Guide

    S/SMALL -EU - 35/38 US - 5/8.5 UK - 3/6.5 
    L/LARGE -EU - 40/45 US - 9/12 UK - 7/11.5


     *Disclaimer: There's no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary

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