Electrode Sticky Pads/ Electrode Cord for Ultrasonic Cavitation Massager

Enjoying your Ultrasonic Cavitation Body Slimming Massager with the EMS mode?

You might take a look at these patches that will last for a long time!

SET OF 10!

Electrode Pads for Ultrasonic Anti Cellulite Body Slimming Massager


  • Suitable for various medium frequency electronic physiotherapy machine. 
  • Help to improve blood circulation, promote metabolism and eliminate fatigue. 
  • Self adhesive, high adhesive, convenient to use and reusable. 
  • Useful and safe accessory for medical care. 


    1. Non-woven Fabric electrode Pads 
    2. Self Adhesive, Re-usable, Long Life 
    3. Bio-compatible, Dry out Resisting 
    4. Lower Impedance, More uniform current distribution, 
    5. No hot spots, more stimulation comfort. 
    6. Durable construction: can even pull out from the lead wire without damage. 
    7. Not plastic 
    8. Specially designed holes, on each pad, to release the generated heat and give more comfort and less irritation. 
    9. Specially selected size 4 x 4 cm , Larger pads had no additional benefits, just more heating/irritation of the skin! 


    Cleanse your skin before using electrode pads for better results. 

Product details:

  • Material: Silicone + Gel 
  • Size(1pc): 4 * 4 * 0.2cm / 1.6 * 1.6 * 0.1in 
  • Fit 3.5mm plug. 

The number of electrode pads used

The number of times the electrode is used depends on the cleanliness and oiliness of the human skin, so it is best to wash the skin with soap before use (alcohol is equally acceptable). By cleaning the skin, you can achieve better results and improve the frequency of use of the electrode.

Electrode pads life

After each use, put the electrode back to the original packaging bag, placed in the shade. If the electrode is dry a little, use a few drops of water to wet it. This will increase the life of the electrode.

electrode pads for cavitation device 

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