GenesisCharm™ Dipping Powder

Be your own manicurist. Flaunt those fabulous and vibrant nails with the help of GenesisCharm™ Dipping Nail Powder  

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Dubbed as somewhere between a regular manicure and a fake acrylic nail GenesisCharm™ Dipping Nail Powder is a “diet acrylic”. Infused with calcium and vitamin E, it enhances and strengthens your nails as it protects from breaking and chirping


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💅🏼 Easy & Quick To Apply

Be your own manicurist with few simple steps of GenesisCharm™ Dipping Nail Powder. Set your nails from drab to fab at a much shorter time span than traditional acrylics require

💅🏼 Durable & Long Lasting

It provides a thicker level of protection to natural nails making it resistant to chipping and cracking.  With proper application, it can last to three weeks to a month

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💅🏼 No Nail Lamp Needed

Being in a powder form, once the nail is prepped with a base coat and activating liquid, your nails are set to dry quicker. You can air dry your nails instead of using a UV or LED nail lamp

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💅🏼 Non-Toxic Ingredients

Made with healthy, natural formula, containing Vitamin E and Calcium. Without the presence of harmful chemicals, GenesisCharm™ Dipping Nail Powder helps nails grow stronger and healthier. These do not damage the nail bed and available for air-dry

💅🏼 Chic & Artistic

With variety of colors to choose from, you can create your own design without creating a mess. It is great for touch up as you do not have to soak full nail off if a section comes off or chips. 

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💅🏼 Personal or professional use

💅🏼 Use on real nails or false nails

Suitable for all nails including artificial nails

💅🏼 Great present to your loved ones

GenesisCharm™ Dipping Nail Powder makes a great gift for the holiday season. Order now to receive before the holidays

HOW TO USE GenesisCharm™ Dipping Nail Powder?

  1. Apply a thin coat of dip base coat
  2. Dip tip of the entire nail into the dish
  3. Brush off the excess powder
  4. Apply a second coat of dip base coat
  5. Dip tip of the nail into the dish to achieve desired smile line
  6. Brush off excess powder
  7. Apply dip activator
  8. Smooth and refine the surface with a buffer
  9. Apply the top coat


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