Instant Twist Hair Braider

Get the look! If you are bored with the same casual looks, this Instant Twist Hair Stylerwill make the difference!

Create amazing looks for you or your loved ones in just minutes! 
Instant Twist Hair Styler


It's so easy and fast to use that you will love it instantly! Think about doing some braids for long hair.. it takes forever! Let's see how you will use this Instant Twist Hair Styler in three steps!

Instant Twist Hair Styler

Step 1

a. Select two buns of hair. (the amount of hair may around one circle of the middle finger)

b.Press the left button with inserting the hair.

c.Press the right button by inserting other buns of hair.

Step 2

After Step 1, press the button to the "I" side.

The hair will be twisted clockwise. Stop it until it reaches your hairy roots.

Step 3

After step 2, press the button to“II” Side.

The hair will be twisted anti-clockwise.

Stop it until it reaches your hairy roots.

After hair braiding, take out the hairs and fixed with a headdress.

Create quick, fun, styles with a quick twist. The quick twist makes it easy to create beautiful, twisty braids in seconds.

Instant Twist Hair Styler


  • 1. Great Gift for girls and women, a new fashionable hair braiding tool to create your own hairstyle with a few simple steps, completely automatically and conveniently, free you from time-wasting, energy-wasting.
  • 2. With this automatic hair braid tool, in only 3 simple steps you will get the perfect look!
  • 3. Equipped with USB Cable and powered by 2 AA batteries(not included) that will give you CONTINUOUS POWER to twist your hair.
  • 4. Save your time and money. This hair styling tool is very suitable for DIY use, save your time and money from the Hair Salon.
  • It can be a good gift for family and friends. 
Instant Twist Hair Styler


  • Ensure hair is fully de-tangled and silky smooth before you begin – this helps create the sleekest twist.
  • Or if you prefer a messy, textured look, gently backcomb the lengths before you begin your twist.
  • Once you have secured your twist with a poly band, mist with a fixing spray for extra hold.
  • Decorate your twists with hair rings for an edgy look, or flowers and ribbons to bring out your inner festival babe.
Instant Twist Hair Styler


Color: Black

Material: ABS

Size: approx. 20*7cm

Buttons: power button, clockwise twist button, counter-clockwise twist button

Instant Twist Hair Styler
Instant Twist Hair Styler

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