Lift & Firm Hip Enhancer Cream

  • ◆ Natural Ingredients: Our Plant composition Ingredients ensure you have a beautiful butt. They work with nature by using Cocoa butter and Avocado oil to boost your collagen levels. Thereby guaranteeing you a perfect bikini butt. 
  • ◆ Effect improvement:The butt enhancement cream improves the soreness of the waist and legs,soothes the soreness caused by sedentary, enhances the tightening of the butterfly and the meat, and effectively shapes the hip line to create a confident and beautiful.
  • ◆ Bigger Butt Cream: Experience your best butt, a firm yoga butt. No more flat butt! Suited for women who want a lifted butt that is plump & toned.
  • ◆ Natural safety: Lift & Firm Hip Enhancer Cream All natural,green safe,hormones and parabens,no side effects.
  • ◆ Tocopherol:Improve lipid metabolism and prevent arteriosclerosis.To use daily at bedtime,you can get a firm buttocks,elastic and complete.
  • XtendBeautyMall Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied for any reason, we give you a 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Please contact us for a complete product refund or replacement within 30 days.
    We are available 24/7/365 via Email Support to fully assist you.

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