Little Toe Gel Bunionette Corrector (2 pair)

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Say no to surgery and to bunionette pain! Finally, A Bunion Protection Kit that helps relieve your bunions


Little Toe Gel Bunionette Corrector

Offers dual protection for your feet in a single comfortable easy to use design. Super stretchy and secures easily around your 5th toe protects it from rubbing against your shoes. 

This savvy product can solve your foot problems in the most cost-efficient and easiest way possible. You won’t have to go for expensive toe realignment therapies


  • ULTIMATE BUNION RELIEF - Great home remedy alternative for stretching and treating athletes runners and other sports-related injuries*
  • HIGH-QUALITY GEL - Our bunion correctors are made from a soft medical grade silicone gel offering a relaxed and satisfying fit. Providing spreader treatment little toe joint separation tailors bunion and Hallux Valgus as well as protection from rubbing on your favorite shoes*
  • DISCRETE SECURE COMFORTABLE - Wear with any pair of shoes. Great to use daily at night or even take with you everywhere. Easy to use lightweight portable easy to clean.


Package include2 pairs Little Toe Gel Bunionette Corrector

One Size Fits All


 *Disclaimer: There's no guarantee of specific results and that the results can vary

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