Magnetic Cleansing Facial Mask

Who doesn't want clearer, healthier and more radiant skin?This Magnetic Cleansing Facial Mask is everything you need!


Magnets have long been used in healthcare, especially to help improve wound healing and in orthopedic injuries.Many anti-aging treatments have roots in similar methods, since activity that can enhance the skin’s ability to heal itself also help restore the functioning of aging skin cells.
When removing the mask with the magnet, it will extract the impurities in the skin, cleansing the skin leaving a mineral dew that you massage gently into the skin with clean fingertips.


  • VITAMIN RICH: This wow-worthy face mask is made of Vitamin Rich Dead Sea Mud, which is packed with 24 kinds of skin-protecting and nourishing minerals that help to remove/clean dirt pores, impurities, and excess oil.
  • UPGRADED ABILITY: Magnetic Cleansing Facial Mask combines traditional face mask ingredients along with iron particles to create a micro-current in the skin when they're used with a magnet enhancing the skin's ability to heal itself and restore the functioning of aging skin cells.
  • ❤TREATMENT PRINCIPLE: Promoting the flow of blood circulation because the iron which was absorbed on skin after using the mask is attracted by the magnets.
  • ❤CAPACITY & NORMAL DURATION: Unit counts for 3 fl oz and could last for 3 months if under recommended to use as Once/Twice per week.


Natural Essential Ingredients

  • Lavender
  • Bergamo
  • Geranium
  • Chamomile

Regain Natural Glossy Skin

  • Moisturizing the Skin
  • Improving Skin elasticity
  • Brightening the Skin
  • Nourishing the Skin
  • Skin impurity care
  • Total Skin care

The set contains a tub of the mask, a brush for applying the mask and the magnet for taking it off. 

Your skin will look and feel amazing from the first use!


Magnetic Cleansing Mask

Magnetic Cleansing Mask

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