GenesisMen™ Beard Brush
GenesisMen™ Beard Brush
GenesisMen™ Beard Brush
GenesisMen™ Beard Brush

GenesisMen™ Beard Brush

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Take care of your beard with this soft wooden beard brush. The soft nylon bristles penetrate the most unruly beard and tangles! Effortless facial hair grooming in your hands!


No beard stands a chance at being unkempt or tangled with this expertly designed GenesisMen™ Beard Brush



Oval size design will fit in the palms of your hands perfectly for easy use. 100% soft black wooden brush. This design and materials in the bristles expertly detangles your whiskers without any pulling. Bristles will get through the thickness of your beard that will feel like a massage


Tangle free beard while also cleaning and softening. With each stroke, the brush bristles work to carry your skin's natural oil called Sebum from root to tip. They also work to lift and remove any dirt as well as grim from your hair. 



GenesisMen™ Beard Brush can be used with balms and oils to treat your beard. Never have clumps of balm in your beard or un-oiled spots of hair. Reach every inch of your hair with its natural bristles. 

GenesisMen™ Beard Brush helps stimulate hair follicles and distribute oil evenly throughout your beard. No hair left behind!

It is time you rule your beard instead of your beard ruling you!

Other Benefits

  • Suitable for any and all beard types
  • Oval shaped small design lets you to carry it with your wherever you go
  • Animal & cruelty free
  • High-quality and excellent performance

 Material: Wood handle + nylon brush