MuscleTao™ Massage Gun

Professional deep tissue massage gun for pain relief and body soreness after your workouts. 30 adjustable speeds and 6 massage heads to work on different parts of your body!

muscle gun

MuscleTao™ Massage Gun can relieve the body's soreness and stiffness through deep and powerful massage after exercise. This portable massage gun helps restore the body faster, promote muscle repair and blood flow, and relieve lactic acid that builds up during exercise.  


Relieve Muscle Stiffness and Soreness

This muscle massage gun can help the user relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, increase blood pressure, improve the overall health of the body's soft tissues, moreover, it can prevent fasciitis which is a kind of painful and difficult to heal inflammation caused by adhesion between the fascia and muscles.

Powerful and Ultra Quiet

MuscleTao™ Massage Gun is adept with high-quality motors and has ultra-strong heat dissipation function. The high-precision mold makes the machine head and the body tightly connected. It is quieter than other products with only 30-55 decibels (depends on the level) and 3,300 percussions per minute. The noise in the process of running can be effectively reduced by smooth sliding. This muscle massager embodies relaxation in its sound and function.

muscle gun quiet

Personal Use or Professional Use

The muscle massager is great for personal use as well as being one of the best massage devices for professional users, perfect for physical therapists or chiropractors.


Long Battery Life 

MuscleTao™ Massage Gun is equipped with a 2500mAh high-quality lithium battery, so it can keep working for about 4-7 hours after charge. The muscle massager has a LED battery indicator so you don't have to worry about power outages.


muscle gun battery life

Portable and Handy

MuscleTao™ Massage Gun only weighs 0.85 kilograms (1.95lbs). The ergonomically designed grip minimizes external vibrations and the durable anti-slip silicone grip makes the massager easier and comfortable to hold for your enjoyment.

6 Replacement Massage Heads 

Diverse options that will relax different areas of your body that come with multiple levels of intensity makes this muscle massager a product worth buying.  

6 massage gun heads

30 Levels of Intensity

30 adjustable speed levels allow you to use different intensity levels on different areas of your body 

muscle gun

LCD Touch Display Control

Touch button, accurately display speed, time, and switch control


muscle gun

Material: ABS & TBR


XtendBeautyMall Guarantee

If you are not satisfied for any reason, we give you a 30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. Please contact us for a complete product refund or replacement within 30 days.
We are available 24/7/365 via Email Support to fully assist you.

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