Shiatsu Infrared Therapy Massager

Experience a spa-quality massage in the comfort of your own home with the Shiatsu Infrared Therapy Massager!

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Shiatsu Infrared Therapy Massager

With soothing heat to release tension, an active muscle massager that pushes pulls away stress and tight fiber muscles, and a versatile design that lets you use it almost anywhere on your body, you'll go to bed each night feeling like you've massaged away all of the day's worries.

Lightweight and Comfortable Fit

The Shiatsu Infrared Therapy Massager comfortably rests on your shoulders and perfectly wraps itself around your neck. Utilizing patented technology the Shiatsu Infrared Therapy Massager creates sophisticated movement and tension, imitating the very human finger joints of a massage therapist to give the best massage experience - now you can have a personalized massage therapist at your home at your convenience!

Shiatsu Infrared Therapy Massager

Concentrated Pressure on Desired Areas

Unlike conventional massagers that are fixed in position and intensity, the  Shiatsu Infrared Therapy Massager allows the user to adjust not only the preferred positions but also the desired pressure. Depending on where you want to feel relaxed, you can simply adjust the massager's position up (neck area) or down (shoulder area). If you want a stronger massage, then gently tug the armrests. We know that some prefer a strong and firm massage, while others desire a softer touch - let the Shiatsu Infrared Therapy Massager take care of that for you!

What is Tension Technology?

Made with patented tension caps that are uniquely designed to mimic the feeling of real, hand-like massaging techniques

Shiatsu Infrared Therapy Massager


  • DEEP MUSCLE RELAXER – Add heat and intensity to hard-to-reach muscle groups for a relaxing massage that helps reduce tightness and improve flexibility. Shiatsu neck & back massager with heat can be used in your home, office, and car and it’s perfect to use on your neck, back, shoulders, waist, legs.
  • MULTIPLE MASSAGE NODES – We’ve created the ideal amount of kneading shiatsu pressure with 2 six-fingers massage heads  to cradle, support and relax muscles
  • WARM, COMFORTING HEAT – The heated back and neck shiatsu massager also offers a soothing heat that reaches deep into muscle fibers to release tension, stress, and even pain
  • IMPROVED RECOVERY TIMES – Healthy massage is a fantastic way to help recover from injuries because it increases circulation for improved mobility
  • MORE RESTFUL SLEEP – Using a bi-direction movement that mimics the feeling of a personal massage. Coupled with heat therapy, you’ll find reaching deep REM sleep happens more quickly and easily

Shiatsu Infrared Therapy Massager

Shiatsu Infrared Therapy Massager


Accelerates muscle recovery
Alleviates muscle pain
Help reduce heart rate
Increases flexibility
Improves circulation
Promotes better sleep

1 x Massager
1 x Adapter
1x Car Power Cable
1 x User Manual

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