SmartPlus™ Posture Corrector

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No More Slouching!

Millions of people suffer from poor posture, especially due to technology. Long hours working in front of the computer, playing games, and looking at phones and tablets push the head and neck forward causing extreme slouching over the years. 

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✔️ SmartPlus™ Posture Corrector helps us get into a habit of correcting our posture and get rid of slouching. It has a smart vibration technology that reminds us automatically of incorrect posture, immediate vibration when bent over 25°, therefore training of muscle upright habit.

posture corrector
✔️ It is believed 21 days is needed to create a healthy habit, we recommend wearing SmartPlus™ Posture Corrector consistently for 21 days for 2 hours per day to develop upright posture. You will see a big difference in your posture. Continue wearing as needed for better results. 
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✔️ Align your shoulders, upper back, and neck and relieve the pain in those areas naturally. This is a non-surgical solution for effective spinal treatment. Instead of costly surgeries that invade our body and cause dependencies on follow-ups and treatments, try SmartPlus™ Posture Corrector in your everyday life. 

✔️ Comfortable, lightweight, and invisible design can be worn over or under clothing at work, walking, watching TV, or when you do your everyday tasks. SmartPlus™ Posture Corrector is made with high elastic nylon that provides strong support and comfort. 


✔️  Suitable for all age groups. Whether you are getting this for yourself, child, parent, or significant other, this is suitable for all ages. 

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1 x Smart Posture Corrector

1x USB Cable

One Size Unisex ( Fit for chest 28"- 48" ; weight 15 - 95 kg)

posture corrector

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it help to relieve neck and back pains?
If used consistently, it helps relieve back pain and neck pain, correcting healthy posture. 

How long do I wear it?
Start with shorter times and work towards wearing a long time in the day. We recommend wearing 2 hours per day for min 21 days and wear it as necessary to keep yourself on track.
How do I clean it?
Hand wash with cold water and soap.

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