S / Black SmartPosture Bra Support
S / Beige SmartPosture Bra Support
SmartPosture Bra Support
SmartPosture Bra Support
SmartPosture™ Bra Support - Posture Corrector Bra Brace Back Support SmartPosture™ Bra Support
S / Beige SmartPosture™ Bra Support - Posture Corrector Bra Brace Back Support SmartPosture™ Bra Support

SmartPosture™ Bra Support

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Brace yourself for a good posture with SmartPosture™ Bra Support


Have a hunchback? Can’t straighten your back no matter what you do? Want to achieve a good posture? Tired of back pain? If you have any of these concerns, try this product out!  Fashionable and made from top quality materials, SmartPosture™ Bra Support will help your posture! 

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“X” Back Shape in Style

Unlike other belt bra products, this product has this unique “X” back shape. You can stay fashionable while secretly correcting your back posture. X-back straps provide support by gently pulling the shoulders back to offer therapeutic relief.

back support

The support extending to the front gives your bra a little push for a more defined cleavage. Its shoulder strap width is small making it unobvious when you are wearing one underneath your favorite clothes.

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Promotes Comfort and Prevents Back Pain

Design with quality spandex with breathable fabrics to minimize pressure on the armpits allowing you to move freely while aligning your spine. With its fabric not easily stretch out, it gently activates your muscles allowing an optimal movement. SmartPosture™ Bra Support slowly trains your postural muscles to stay straight and aligned thus gradually eliminating back pain.

Orthopedic Back Posture Corrector: 

The main purpose of this ergonomic product is to help straighten back and provides good posture. Its straps are extremely effective in retracting the shoulders which promotes deeper breathing and reduced back tension. The X-shape design supports and strengthens your spine as it trains it to maintain a better posture.

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Material: Nylon, Spandex

Package includes: 1x SmartPosture™ Bra Support